4-20×30 House Plan Ideas for your Dream Home.

In this post, we have designed four 20×30 House plans. These are 20×30 1 BHK house plan, 20×30 Duplex house Plan, and 20×30 2BHK house plans.

20×30 House Plan 2BHK

20×30 House Plan 2BHK (Drawing by Shiva Thakur)

In this 20×30 2BHK House Plan, a living room of size 9’-1”x11’-10” is designed. A window is provided in the living room which opens to the entrance. A common toilet of size 5’-9”x4’-0” is designed and a ventilator is provided. A kitchen cum dining area of size 9’-1”x16’-2” is provided.

An open kitchen is provided in this design. The staircase is provided in this kitchen cum dining area. Two bedrooms of size 9′-1″x12′-0″ are provided. Modern-looking cupboards can be designed in the bedrooms. Windows are provided in the bedrooms.

20x30House Plan 2BHK with Car Parking

20x30House Plan 2BHK with Car Parking (Drawing by Shiva Thakur)

In this design, we have provided the car parking of size 11’-1”x11”-7”. A beautiful lawn area is provided having a size of 18’-11”x8’-10”. An external store is also provided 8’-10”x8’-5”. Alternatively, it can be developed as a sitting area for kids or adults. From here you can have a view of beautiful green surroundings. Glazing could be provided in it so that the adults in the room can have a check on their kids.

Sitout of size 5’-10”x3’-9” is designed just at the entry, which has a view of the lawn in front. A drawing-room of size 10’-0”x11’-2” is designed it opens to the entrance. A kitchen of size 10’-0”x7’-0” is provided. Provision of the window is kept.  A lobby of size 5’-10”x9’-0” is provided, and the main door is provided in the lobby.

A window is in the lobby which brings sunlight. The lobby can be decorated with paintings and artifacts. A toilet of size 5’10”x5’-10” is provided which a ventilator. 2 Bedrooms of size 12’-0”x9’-0” is designed. A window is provided in the bedrooms. Cupboards have been designed in the bedrooms.

20×30 House Plan 1BHK with Courtyard

20×30 House Plan 1BHK with Courtyard (Drawing by Shiva Thakur)

In this 20×30 drawing, a hall of size 8’-11”x11’-11” is designed. It has a window towards the verandah, which brings in sunlight and ventilation. A modular kitchen of size 8’-8”x9’-10” is designed. A staircase of size 9’-5”x6’-0” is provided having a provision of the window.

A Bedroom of size 9’-7”x12’-0” is designed. It can be fitted with a king-size bed. A cupboard is also provided in this bedroom. A window is provided which has a view of the courtyard. For access to the courtyard, a door is provided.

Toilet of size 5’-9”x4’-0”. A beautiful courtyard of size 8’-7”x7’-8” is designed. The courtyard can be set up with beautiful plants. Sitting here can be an escape from the toxic modern world of stress and haste. 

20×30 Duplex House Plan

20×30 Duplex House Plan (Drawing by Shiva Thakur)

This duplex is best fitted for the nuclear family and has all the modern amenities that are required. The 3BHK Duplex has Kitchen, dining area, and a bedroom on the Ground floor and 2 Bedrooms, living room is designed on the first floor. Toilets are provided both on the Ground and First floor.

This 20×30 duplex has a beautiful courtyard. This 20×30 house plan first floor has 2 bedrooms. Bedroom -1 has a size of 8’-8”x9’-10”. The second bedroom is a little bigger having a size of 9’-7”x12’-0”. An open terrace of the size of 9’-10”x6’-10” is provided.

Here you can set up the terrace garden as well. The living room of size 8’-11”x9’-4” is provided on the first floor. A 3 feet wide balcony is provided which has a view of the courtyard below. Toilet of size 5’-9”x4’-0” is designed on the first floor as well.

20×30 House Plan PDF

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